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Subscription Information

What is SNPed?

SNPed will provide biweekly live webinars on current topics in nutritional genomics. Led either by Dr. Chrissie Williamson or Dr. Jessica Pizano, each webinar will delve into a particular genetic SNP or nutritional genomic topic. Webinar topics may include biochemical pathways, basic concepts in genetics, nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics, pharmacogenetics, implications in functional testing, case studies and metabolomics. Each presentation will be followed by a question and answer period. Typical webinars will include a 20-30 minute presentation plus ample time for questions.

Why Should I Join?

  • Members will have an opportunity to participate in approximately two webinars per month hosted by Dr. Chrissie Williamson and/or Dr. Jessica Pizano.
  • Additionally, members may schedule a time to present one of their own case studies for group analysis outside of the biweekly webinars (additional fee required).
  • Members will have access to all previously recorded webinars and uploaded documents.
  • Members will have access to practitioner consults at a discounted rate.
  • The Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists℠ designates this activity for a maximum of 1 continuing education credit per 1 hour lecture for the Certified Nutrition Specialist®.

Who Should Join?

Those who have a strong background in nutrition with the following qualifications/credentials:

  • Master of Science in nutrition or a related field
  • Doctoral level degree in nutrition or a related field
  • CNS
  • RD
  • CCN
  • DC
  • ND
  • MD
  • DO
  • NP
  • PA
  • L.Ac.
  • Students at the masters or doctoral level in nutrition programs or a related field
  • Others by permission only

Subscription Rates

  • Monthly subscription rate for practitioners: $80/month (minimum 6 months)
    • 6 months paid-in-full: $480
    • 12 months paid-in-full: $960
  • Monthly subscription rate for students: *$55/month (minimum 6 months)
    • 6 months paid-in-full: $330
    • 12 months paid-in-full: $660
  • 1 time, 1-lecture access fee: $100

*Students must provide either a copy of a current student ID, letter from the registrar or current transcript.

Subscription Options

Subscription Options

Additional Services

  • Case study presentation fee: $50/case study for members
  • Individual practitioner consults for members (per hour billed on the quarter hour): $175
  • Individual practitioner consults for non-members (per hour billed on the quarter hour): $300
  • Half-day to multi-day seminars available. Please use our contact form to describe your specific needs so that we may provide an estimate.

Service Options

Have a question? Want to suggest a topic? Have a case study to present? Use our Contact Us page.

Disclaimer: Any information provided within the context of the educational seminars does not constitute as medical or nutritional advice under Virginia law.