The Fat Fad: Assessing the Ketogenic Diet and its Applications

The classic ketogenic diet is characterized by consuming a high fat, low protein, and low carbohydrate diet to mimic the fasting state and utilize fats as the primary source of fuel in the body (Meira et al., 2019).  This lifestyle first gained traction in the early 1920s when similar to starvation, it displayed the ability…
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Time to call the Love Doctor???

It is widely recognized that DNA influences many aspects of one’s being: eye color, hair color, stature, and even the propensity for developing specific diseases.  But to what extent does genetics dictate human behavior and pleasure?  Interestingly, research is beginning to evidence that many facets of sexuality—including desire, arousal, performance, and orgasm—may be impacted by…
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Your Genes and Your Jeans: Making the Connection

As our exploration and comprehension of the human genome continues to evolve, research provides us with the ability to pinpoint specific genes that may increase an individual’s propensity for certain health conditions.  While revolutionary and incredibly convenient, this development comes with both good and bad news.  Let’s begin with the bad, shall we? The bad…
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