Midlothian, Virginia

Welcome to SNPed!


SNPed is the brainchild of Drs. Christy Williamson MS, CNS, DCN and Jessica Pizano MS, CNS, DCN.

SNPed brings the latest in nutritional genomics research to the practitioner with a focus on clinical application. According to Ordovas and Mooser, 2004 “Nutritional genomics covers nutrigenomics, which explores the effects of nutrients on the genome, proteome and metabolome, and nutrigenetics, the major goal of which is to elucidate the effect of genetic variation on the interaction between diet and disease.”

Decoded: Nutrigenetics deals with disease risk prediction and Nutrigenomics is the measurable effect of diet and environmental exposures on gene expression.

In a time when direct-to-consumer genomic testing has become both common and inexpensive, patients are deciding to do their own testing and rely on their practitioner’s knowledge to guide them through appropriate interventions. At SNPed, we teach practitioners how to analyze and validate genomic data from a systems medicine approach. This includes detailed instruction on common functional tests that evaluate organic acids, amino acids and the microbiome. Disease specific genomics are included in each lecture, with a focus on how to increase validity and clinical application. Topics range from diseases and conditions like PANDAS, mast cell activation disorder, and mood disorders to nutrition focused topics such as oxalates, salicylates, and optimal nutrient repletion through biochemical and pathway assessments.


Members have the option to attend two live lectures per month; one is a live research webinar and the other is a live Q&A. They are encouraged to ask questions, either after lectures or during one of the Q&A sessions. An additional benefit is that members also have access to the extensive SNPed webinar library for continued self-study. SNPed affords its members the best clinical strategies for understanding the intersection of nutrition, genomics, laboratory data, clinical presentation and disease which can then translate into effective clinical actions and outcomes.


We invite you to explore the exciting world of Nutritional Genomics with SNPed!

Please see our Upcoming Webinars and Events page for scheduled seminars. 

The Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists℠ designates this activity for a maximum of 1 continuing education credit per 1 hour lecture for the Certified Nutrition Specialist®.

UPDATE: Christy and Jessica are merging practices in Q4 of 2017. Our new joint venture is the Nutritional Genomics Institute. Please visit us at www.nutritionalgenomicsinstitute.com

Christy and Jessica both graduated with honors from the University of Bridgeport’s functional nutrition master’s program. After forming a strong personal and professional relationship, they both continued to Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) where they both earned a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition. During these years in academia, they founded Zebra Diagnostics, a research diagnostics company designed to study the frequency of rare diseases. The mantra for rare disease sufferers around the world is “When you hear hoof beats, think zebra’s, not horses”.   They also formed SNPed, a webinar based series to educate practitioners in nutritional genomics and systems medicine. Lastly, they have developed course work at the master’s level at MUIH in nutritional genomic counseling and have published a series of peer-reviewed journal articles on the microbiome and contributed to chapters on nutritional genomics in a graduate level nutrition textbook. Christy and Jessica are great friends and enjoy their time and work together which led them to merge their individual practices, Nutrigenomic Health Consulting and Fit to You into the Nutritional Genomics Institute to house all of their projects and endeavors.  

Christy and Jessica’s newest project is OmicsDx! OmicsDx is a state of the art database that houses and interfaces all of NGI’s decades worth of shared research and clinical expertise. SNPed members will be the first to see OmicsDx later in 2018!

Functional nutrition concentrations that Christy and Jessica focus on include connective tissue diseases (including Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), dysautonomia/POTS/orthostatic intolerance, mast cell activation disorders, autoimmune disease, PANDAS, Lyme disease, cardiometabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, autism spectrum disorder, cancer, mood disorders, food allergies,  inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome, gastroparesis, flouroquinolone toxicity, immunodeficiency, multiple sclerosis, hormonal imbalances (including thyroid, sex hormones, cortisol), assessment of inborn errors of metabolism (biochemical imbalances associated with disease) and many other medical conditions.

In addition to NGI’s specialty areas,  Christy was active in the 2016 Virginia General Assembly in the passage of legislation which established a statutory definition of nutritional genomics. Christy enjoys legislative process and finding the needle in the haystack. 

Jessica is the leading nutrition specialist for mast cell activation disorders in the country. As a certified corrective and clinical exercise specialist, Jessica also evaluates and creates plans to correct postural imbalances for connective tissue disease patients and other musculoskeletal disorders.